From the recording Far From The Tree

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I left there with a grin on my face,
a drink in my hand cursed the whole damn place.
I said, “I’m going back to Texas”.
Well, it must have been the booze talking then,
otherwise I never would have been hell bent
And said “I’m going back to Texas”.

They say everything in Texas is bigger and better.
I say that includes smart asses and regretters!
There’s no road going back to Texas!

Thoughts slide in of a blazing sun
Heat rising from the blacktop as I started to run
Run away from Texas.
The land stayed flat it seemed for days
Then the mountains called out amid the morning haze
“Come run to me from Texas”.

They say the sky in Texas stretches on forever.
I like the one in Tennessee so much better!
There’s no road going back to Texas.

It’s a hundred degrees standing in the shade
There’s not enough beer, iced tea, or lemonade
to drag my heart back to Texas.

There’s no road going back to Texas!