"Sugar Lime Blue stretch the music in their songs, rolling the instruments around to create a stew of sounds rather than a jam, letting the natural rhythms of the tracks echo as a trance in their playing." - The Alternate Root

Sugar Lime Blue is redefining Americana, drawing from the 3 main American stylings of Jazz, Blues and Country, to create a purely unique sound.  Fans of Classic Rock, Blues, and Traditional Country can all find commonality in Sugar Lime Blue.  Pull up a chair, lend an ear and get lost in the smooth grooves, winding musical passages and lilting vocals that is Sugar Lime Blue.   



Sugar Lime Blue @ Live: Summerfest 2023

Live: Summerfest 2023, Ashland City, TN

Summer Fest Ashland City!!

Summerfest is a yearly 4-day festival held at the 20-acre Riverbluff Park along the Cumberland River in Ashland City, TN. The event is sponsored by the Ashland City Parks and Recreation Department.

Festivities include a family oriented carnival, nightly music, arts, crafts, food and game booths, and fireworks at the conclusion of the week.


Sugar Lime Blue @ Live: Kennett Flash -Kennett Square, PA

Live: Kennett Flash -Kennett Square, PA, Kennett Square, PA

Don't miss Sugar Lime Blue's return to the Kennett Flash!!

Sugar Lime Blue is the premiere Americana Soul/ Jam Band rising up from Nashville, Tennessee. The band pulls from several genres including Blues, Country, Rock and Jazz to create truly eclectic sounds. Performing nearly a thousand shows over the past decade in the Southeast, Sugar Lime Blue has seen international exposure with acknowledgement from dozens of press outlets, hundreds of radio stations and a growing grass roots fanbase from their weekly online performance, the #SundayShouOut. The captivating, redheaded gypsy songstress, Ashley Beth, heads the group with her soulful captivating voice that draws the listener deep into the songs lyrical content, while her husband Dave leads the band into deep musical dives and explores Grateful Dead like jams. Music lovers and fans of many genres will find commonality in Sugar Lime Blue.

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