The #SundayShoutOut

What is a #sundayshoutout?  Well, it's a combination of ideas really.... Started in 2012, the Shout Out series was started by Sugar Lime Blue as a way to thank fans and followers on our social media channels.  A way that we could come together with folks in a personal way even over great distances.  One of the biggest goals was to invite our friends into our little world off stage and out of the studio, by welcoming you into our home, our little farmhouse just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.  We decided that we would keep the presentation as simple as possible.  One camera and one microphone, no re-dos(for the most part, although from time to time extenuating circumstances like dead batteries, or wind noises, etc require a second take) An effort in a world of Auto-Tune and over production to keep things simple, and present what it would sound like to sit in the living room of our house, or on our porch, in our back field, or any other place we may have a spontaneous jam and invite you to listen in to join us in the merry making.