Our Story

For over a decade Sugar Lime Blue has been committed to recording music that draws from several genres and their latest effort is no different.  Recorded at the Historic Blackbird Studio in Nashville,TN, The Blackbird Sessions is a crossroads album in many ways for Sugar Lime Blue.  Signaling the end of an era while simultaneously ushering in a new one.   Started prior to the CoVid pandemic with basic tracking completed shortly after the release of their 3rd album, Narcoluptuous(added on 120 FM Stations), production came to a stand still at the loss of founding member and bassist Russ Dean in 2020.  

Despite the loss, Ashley and Dave Beth remained committed to seeing the album to completion and enlisted the help of Bassist, Joe Bass(Brian Howe),  and Keyboardist, Scott Guberman(Phil Lesh) to complete studio tracking.   During this time the band also re-established a live presence embarking on several multi state-state tours over the summer adding members Luis "Slice" Echeverria on Keys and Ikaika Pekelo on Drums who also contributed on the album.  

Sugar Lime Blue remains a strong presence in the Americana/Jam Band scene having played national festivals alongside mainstays Umphreys McGee, Moe, Ween, The Wood Brothers, and Buddy Guy among others.  At 4 albums in and over a decade of experience SLB has performed nearly 1000 Concerts and has been featured in national and international Press.

If you like music to be more than just the background noise in your life, check out Sugar Lime Blue next time they come to your town. The band feeds off the energy of their fans and puts their hearts into every show. We only have a short time on this planet and making the moment inclusive to all that hear and enjoy the sound is what it’s all about for them. Playing music is the ultimate group expression in creativity and Sugar Lime Blue is a family bound by love and music with the ultimate goal to be able to spread that music love around.