Americana Association and Nashville Blues and Roots Alliance recording artist Sugar Lime Blue brings forward an eclectic mixture of sounds that breaks down walls between genres for a diversified listening experience. 

"Sugar Lime Blue stretch the music in their songs, rolling the instruments around to create a stew of sounds rather than a jam, letting the natural rhythms of the tracks echo as a trance in their playing." - The Alternate Root

Sugar Lime Blue is redefining Americana, drawing from the 3 main American stylings of Jazz, Blues and Country, to create a purely unique sound.  Fans of Classic Rock, Blues, and Traditional Country can all find commonality in Sugar Lime Blue.  Pull up a chair, lend an ear and get lost in the smooth grooves, winding musical passages and lilting vocals that is Sugar Lime Blue.   



Sugar Lime Blue @ Sunbine Music Festival

Sunbine Music Festival, Axton, VA

The SunBine Music Festival is an opportunity to celebrate a diversity of music at our beautiful farm brewery, where we come together to shine a spotlight on established and emerging talent, create memories and raise funding for future generations to enjoy music and the arts. We are so excited to announce that proceeds from the festival will directly benefit Girls Rock Roanoke.

Why SunBine?
The name SunBine was carefully chosen to represent the summer equinox – a time when our farm grown hops are at the peak of development, with their bines gracefully reaching for the sunshine through the longest days of the year.

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