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Sugar Lime Blue

Sugar Lime Blue is the premiere Americana Soul/ Jam Band rising up from Nashville, Tennessee.   The band pulls from several genres including Blues, Country, Rock and Jazz to create truly eclectic sounds.  Performing nearly a thousand shows over the past decade in the Southeast, Sugar Lime Blue has seen international exposure with acknowledgement from dozens of press outlets, hundreds of radio stations and a growing grass roots fanbase from their weekly online performance, the #SundayShouOut.   The captivating, redheaded gypsy songstress, Ashley Beth, heads the group with her soulful captivating voice that draws the listener deep into the songs lyrical content, while her husband Dave leads the band into deep musical dives and explores Grateful Dead like jams.  Music lovers and fans of many genres will find commonality in Sugar Lime Blue.

The band has been featured in Relix Magazine, the Grateful Dead's website, Alternate-Root, Americana Rhythm, Jambands.Com, Rootstime(Belgium), Mad Mackeral(UK), Drunken Werewolf(UK) and many other local and national press outlets.   Sugar Lime Blue has performed over 100 festivals including Summercamp, Swamp Cabbage(3 Years Running), Gardenstock(2 Years), Tye Dye Festival(10 Years) and dozens of others.  Sugar Lime Blue has charted a #3 single(Move That Earth) on Country Radio and a top 5 Album(Narcoluptuous) on Relix/Jambands.com.   Touting 4 original albums Sugar Lime Blue has established themselves as a force for now, and into the future of Americana, Jam Band and Blues-Rock Music.

At A Glance:

  • 4 Full length independent album releases, with responses including:
  • 3 months in 2019 on the Relix/JamBands.com Radio Chart peeking at #5
  • Over 110 Adds on FM radio for the Blackbird Sessions album
  • Over 110 Adds on FM radio for the Narcoluptuous album
  • Move that Earth single peaked at #3 in 2015 as reported by Spins Tracking System
  • Featured Multiple times on the Grateful Dead's Website and Social media for covers of songs associated with the Grateful Dead.
  • Featured in International Press
  • Weekly Acoustic Video series the #SundayShoutOut has spanned 5+ Years on YouTube, gathering more than a quarter million views
  • Performed in 20 states and to crowds in excess of 6,500 people.  
  • Independently booked and performed over 175 shows in the recent 2 year period.
  • Band has performed on billings with Umphrey's McGee, Billy Strings, Moe, The Wood Brothers, STS9, Ween, Buddy Guy, Black Oak Arkansas, Larry Keel, Acoustic Syndicate, Rumpke Mountain Boys and many more.


YouTube: 5.4K
Facebook: 3.7K
Twitter: 6.9K
Instagram: 2.4K

10/2023 - Instagram Reels saw 60k Reels feature the song "Hello October" by Sugar Lime blue, accumulating millions of combined plays. 

9/2023 - 100k views on the first single from The Blackbird Sessions, "Burn It" Official Music Video.

Live Video

Music Videos

Social Media Links

...like a step back in time to the days when mainstream music was painted by rock royalty.....a bullseye with its unshakable sound without an expiration date.”

— Murfreesboro Pulse, - Jordan Hall 2019

Press Clippings

Sugar Lime Blue was featured on the Grateful Dead's Website 2/16/16 and again on 2/23/17 for songs originally played or covered by the Grateful Dead.

(Click bylines to link to original article)
"On the surface, it might all sound pretty familiar, but when you listen, when you properly get your ear in, it isn’t the simplicity of blues-rock that you hear, but a more profound richness garnered from genres near and far." Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture Sept. 2022
"'....this group creates music that is undeniably their own sound.." Sept. 2022 WhichCoast.com
 "...breathtaking melodic tones and power packed vocals"  Justfame.com Sept. 2022
"Releases like “Burn It” are hard to come by these days, so what Sugar Lime Blue is doing is all the more special for it." - The Bandcamp Diaries.
"solid hooks, absolutely inspired musicianship & instrumentation, and a singer that sounds confident enough to take on the whole world at once…it’s like a 60s/70s style of cool built for the modern day..."  Sleeping Bag Studios Blog Sept. 2022
"Sugar Lime Blue is a real band, where the musicians are trying to develop something fresh and unique in every moment" - Chilled Magazine April 2020
"This is a very well performed album. It’s one of those albums that can be appreciated by a lot of fans who normally do not even listen much to this genre of music. And that’s proof to the quality here." Melodic.Net April 21 2020 (Narcoluptuous Review)
"This is a fully immersive listen that should be taken all in at one sitting. A complete classic album." Indie Band Guru Oct. 2019
"Bluesy and mellow, intense but modest"- Rootstime.BE (Belgium June 2019)
"...like a step back in time to the days when mainstream music was painted by rock royalty.....a bullseye with its unshakable sound without an expiration date." Murfreesboro Pulse, - Jordan Hall, Murfreesboro Pulse (Jun 03, 2019)
"With no loose ends or ragged seams, this band brings back late 60s jamming with a belting front gal leading a crew that cooks. Sounding like a lot of period records might have sounded if everyone wasn't recording head tracks while high, there's a lasting essence to this that will recast the past and find that it doesn't live up to this present. Not a trip down memory lane, just a revisit to when everyone wanted to make hit records that didn't sell out. Great fun for boomers and millenials alike (that they'll probably be listening to together in the same living room)" - Chris Spector, Midwest Record (May 21, 2019)
"So uniquely different, that I am literally having trouble describing their style.  Yet, this is a beautiful thing!  It is beautiful in the sense that it is incredibly refreshing." - Your Guide To Nashville (March 2019)
"music that MOVES." - Kiki Plesha, Ion Indie Magazine March 2017

"(Sugar Lime Blue)...shakes it all up musically speaking, with an old-is-new-again style that feels comfortably familiar, but with a unique twist they definitely can call their own." - Sue Siens, Wilson County Living Magazine July/August 2016
"Sugar Lime Blue take the power and excitement of early rock without dating their songs" - Danny, The Alternate Root (Nov 28, 2015)
"Sugar Lime Blue packs a strong Americana punch with their CD, "Move That Earth" - Americana Rhythm Music Magazine (Nov 16, 2015)
"Sugar Lime Blue.....might just trip you back to the 1970's with their ultracool retro vibes, a musical melting pot that oozes a unique blend of country, rock, blues and jazz.....but also expect to be surprised by a group that's practically impossible to label."

“Like a black crow perched on a lonesome Southern wire, Sugar Lime Blue compel attention. ....On the road in the aftermath of their well-contoured new album, “Move That Earth,” Sugar Lime Blue come packed with new songs. They wisely blend Southern roots originals with clever covers.. Country in nature yet more attuned to folk and rock’s jam band element, Sugar Lime Blue sweeten with soul for a mix that blends rhythm with roots. Add a touch of mystery. Spin tight grooves and Sugar Lime Blue results in Southern rock finery.”- Tom Netherland, Bristol's Herald Courier (Oct 01, 2015)
“The seven tracks blend contemporary rock, full-bodied blues and traditional country in a truly compelling style, which can more appropriately be described as Americana music at its finest.”- DYLAN SKYE AYCOCK, Murfreesboro Pulse (Apr 01, 2015)

Sugar Lime Blue was selected for inclusion in Relix December 2015 Issue, and placement on their CD Sampler

"The band Sugar Lime Blue is a marriage made in musical heaven"
“It is a top notch taste of twangy, yet soulful country rock that is reminiscent of classic Steve Earle, but also draws as much inspiration and feeling from Al Green as it does from Little Feat.” - Madmackeral, Mad Mackeral (Dec 02, 2013)
“What keeps our attention however is Sugar Lime Blue’s talent for writing a tune; spitting fire at rock from the 60s and 70s and adding a special Nashville jaunt to proceedings.” - Tiffany Daniels, Drunken Werewolf (Nov 25, 2013)
“Sugar Lime Blue has been praised heavily in the Murfreesboro area, most often for an authentic, blues-heavy song craft and Ashley Beth’s full-bodied bluesy lilt to match. Far From The Tree, released earlier this year, validates both. Twelve tracks of blues range from hot and slow-dripping to gritty and fast-burning. It’s apparent that they know their blues, but they also clearly know the West as they channel the laidback California acoustic pop in addition to Deep South back porch sound; Far From The Tree sounds as if Sheryl Crow moved to the Mississippi Delta after her self-titled debut and went native.” - Jessica Drake, Murfreesboro Pulse (Apr 13, 2011)
“Yes, I indeed did mention Nashville. However this is not a country act. Sit back, close your eyes and think about artists like the Grateful Dead, Little Feat, Edie Brickell and even Renaissance’s Annie Haslam. Now mix them in with R & B acts Al Green, Bill Withers, maybe some Otis etc. Ok, now you have the idea! ” - Larry Carta, Cool Album of the Day (Mar 13, 2011)
"'Far From the Tree' is one tight and funky blues-rock album with lead vocals by Ashley Beth that would make Edie Brickell drool. Dave's guitar licks often resemble the bluesier Clapton or the less-Latin Santana, with a slight possession by the ghost of Jerry Garcia. The record from start to finish takes me to an outdoor venue with a hazy purple cloud over my head and dancing with some hairy broad for some unknown reason... but loving it all-the-while. Track highlights are the beautiful country-rock ballad 'No Road Back To Texas', the soothing 'Happiness Falls' (serious Jerry licks here with great flashback organ), the funky intro 'Far From The Tree', and the splendid hard-rockin' finale 'One More Tomorrow'. For fans of both modern electric blues-rock and 70's classic rock alike!" - Jayson Kohl "The Eggman", WSCA 106.1 FM (Mar 01, 2011)
“Sugar Lime Blue takes me back to a time when music was real and raw. This band has no gimmicks or costumes. They are just real musicians with real artistic expression. You can tell this bunch of modern day hippies are in love with recording, performing and overall just making music.” - Christina Porcelli, Dream Row Entertainment Magazine (Feb 11, 2010)

Dave, Ashley, and Russ performing at the Hard Rock Cafe

“The album covers what appears to be a well-aligned style of music that would fit the interests of most jamband fans. The band would be well received at any jamband or indie festival stage.” - Mike Bouchard, Jambands.ca (Feb 16, 2011)
“Sugar Lime Blue took the stage and the night picked up. This Mt. Juliet based unit are fans of southern rock and jam band music's dream and easily were the show stealers. Look out for these guys because I predict you will hear their names again at some point in the not so distant future.” - Chris Rutledge, The Settler (Mar 02, 0009)

"(Sugar Lime Blue)...shakes it all up musically speaking, with an old-is-new-again style that feels comfortably familiar, but with a unique twist they definitely can call their own."

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